Mind Games

Mind GamesShown in Group Exhibition Arka Art 40″x40″ acrylic on wood Wire, clay, and acrylic installation Clay and acrylic interactive … Read More

Shared Space

Shared SpaceLive Performance Painting with Ryan Hollaway Art Square Studios Shared Space is a live performance painting exploring intuition and … Read More

Over Pressure, Under Pressure

Over Pressure, Under PressureCollaborative Exhibition Art Square Studios InstallationOver Pressure, Under Pressure is a collaborative exhibition showcasing under and over … Read More

Spirit and Matter 1

Spirit and Matter 1Installation Art Square Studios 40″x40″ acrylic and string on layered canvasSpirit and Matter is an installation of … Read More

Over Pressure Zine

Over Pressure, ZineZine Fest Houston Lawndale Art Center Houston, TX 6″x9″ Zine Collaboration with Hillaree Hamblin and Ryan HollawayOver Pressure, … Read More

Garden of Being 1

Garden of Being 1Series Art Square Studios 24″x30″ Acrylic on CanvasGarden of Being is a series which reflects a journey … Read More

Skin and Bones

Skin and BonesShown in Group Exhibition Sojourn Montrose Houston, TX 2017 Installation Wood, canvas, and paintMirror is a portrait series, … Read More


PassersbyShown in Group Exhibition Sojourn Montrose Houston, TX 2017 Installation 20″x30″ Oil on LinenPassersby is a multi-media series documenting the … Read More

Cognate Reflections

Cognate ReflectionsShown in Group Exhibition Estudio Nómada Barcelona, Spain 2016 16″x16″ Oil on Linen Cognate Reflections is a portrait series … Read More


MirrorShown in Group Exhibition Estudio Nómada 8″x10″ Acrylic on PaperMirror is a portrait series, which reflects a battle with self-image. … Read More